Nov. 12 - Frost Dragon - Naevehjem Baronial Anniversary- On the green across from the Ridgecrest Senior Center, 125 S. Warner St., Ridgecrest, CA 93555. 8am-9pm. See Kingdom Calendar

Nov. 13 - Naevehjem Baronial Archery Championship - Baldwin Keep, 3750 W. Drummond Dr., Ridgecrest, CA 93555, 9am-4pm. Kingdom Calendar

Nov. 19 - Califia's 41st Anniversary - El Monte Park, 15805 El Monte Rd, Lakeside Ca 92040. 8am-10pm. For details, see Kingdom Calendar

Dec. 3 - Dreiburgen Yule - Site: All Saints Episcopal Church at Smith Hall 3847 Terracina Drive, Riverside, CA
Site fee: $5 for members. ($5 surcharge for non-members) Children under 12 will be the guests of the barony.
Site opens at 4pm and closes at 11 pm.
Directions: Take your favorite freeway to the 91 freeway in Riverside. The exit is just a little west of the 91/60 interchange. Exit the 91 at 14th St. Turn right at the end of the ramp if you are traveling West on the 91, and turn left if you are traveling east on the 91. Turn left on Magnolia. Terracina Drive will be on your right.
Event Stewards:
Master Gulliver Blackrune
Master DonalO'Brian
Food Coordinator: Lady Mary DedwyddverchGwallter

For more information, see December Calendar


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